Let’s kick off the academic year with a bang!

StuDay is the absolute reference for students at the start of the academic year. On Thursday 28 September we are taking over Spoor Oost and will kick off the academic year with a bang! Tanned, with holiday stories and a host of expectations for the new year.

Don’t share your stories online, but live in our chill zone. Enjoy (hopefully) the last warm rays of the Indian Summer while embracing your friends again. Drool over sharing dishes and flirt with new faces. And all that against the background of funky beats by live bands and DJs.

Welcome back!

In’t Stad, at StuDay and at STAN.


Absolutely free of charge for all students
(you do have to book your free ticket).


Thursday 28 September 2023, 1.30 pm – 10 pm


Spoor Oost

Antwerp, a true student city

Antwerp is not only the biggest Flemish city, but with its 55 000 students (say whaattt?!) it’s also Flanders’ second biggest university city. More than 200 disciplines, divided over 29 campuses at eight universities and colleges attract a talented crowd from Belgium and abroad. This makes for a bustling city on the campus and far beyond.

Since 2004, STAN has organised StuDay to welcome all these students to Antwerp.

Not just a free party, but a unique moment to bring all Antwerp students together in one location, to welcome them to Antwerp, to introduce them to each other and to what the city has to offer.

For everyone!

Party, discover and dance at this annual gathering to kick off the academic year. StuDay is an annual milestone for thousands of students. It’s an event where all students can be part of the Antwerp student community and feel safe and welcome . Regardless of skin colour, gender, religion, origin, disability, sexuality or language.

How do we do this?

Safe Space & Self Love Club

In cooperation with the city of Antwerp we’re organising a safe space again.

A safe space is a space where you can unwind when dealing with unwanted behaviour, find a listening ear, charge your mobile phone or meet up with your friends when you’ve lost them. The safe space is in the Self Love Club.

We also tell people about this safe space and appropriate behaviour through messages in various places – from posters in the toilets and bars to projections on the LED wall – and brief all staff, partners and security about the safe space.

Food & Drinks

We also offer a varied choice of food and drinks. Besides a deliciously greasy snack (fried in plant-based oil, of course), we also offer vegetarian dishes and many healthier alternatives at our food market. And yes, beers taste good but are not compulsory. That’s why our non-alcoholic drinks will be cheaper and you can get water in your reusable cup from our water fountains.

Keep it safe!

We respect the law, which means: no drugs at StuDay. Be a grown up, they’re against the law. However, if something does go wrong, you can go to one of our staff, the safe space and the first-aid point.

We don’t make the best version of StuDay alone, but together with you!

  • Respect your own boundaries and those of others.
  • Look after your friends.
  • There’s room for everyone.
  • If you see inappropriate behaviour tell the StuDay staff.
  • Last but not least: Have fun and make it unforgettable!

New and improved!

Remember the Big Antwerp Student survey? If you know STAN you know we act on this information. This is why one of our first findings from the Big Antwerp Student Survey has already been put into practice.

Mental wellbeing has been given a permanent spot on the agenda following the corona measures and lockdown. And yes, that means it has a place at StuDay: we proudly present to you a new and improved zone. Not based on drama or a problem, but as a positive action: take care of yourself in the Self Love Club! Don’t expect therapeutic group sessions, do expect workshops, massages, hair and facial treatment, henna, hammocks, affordable, easy and healthy food hacks.

Get the look!

A new academic year is the perfect time for a new look. Our beauty cabins are all about glitter and glamour. Beauty academy students from Academie Verbist and Urban Lyceum Olympiad will pamper you and ensure a radiant start to the new academic year. Go for braids that will make famous insta bloggers jealous instantly and blow the socks off your crush with your perfect smokey eyes (instant killer look guaranteed).

Ooooor: become a work of art (we’re not saying you’re not already). Impressive bodypainters will make you want to frame your own body. Literally put yourself on a pedestal, pose against the backdrop of the MAS, release your inner Rihanna and shine bright like a diamond.

Wear sunscreen!

Indian summer? The CM stand provides sunscreen. Even though the eighties are cool, not applying sunscreen is so eighties.

And much more…

But beauty comes from within! A radiant look starts with a relaxed mind. Let yourself be pampered by the masseurs of student club Kinesia, sit in the psynet chair or find your inner zen during a doodle workshop. And last, but not least, no stress balls for all the underestimated stress that still awaits you, we’ve got the real deal. Trust us, we’ve been there. Give your energy free rein in the Ikea ball house! Talk about self-love!

All this in a casual atmosphere on the best part of the festival site.


Your body needs energy and will be happy with yummy festival food?

From a deep-fried snack to a healthy cooking workshop and delectable food trucks…


Otto Streetfood

The Loving Hut

Viet Yam

We’ve got you covered!


Music is life, but it doesn’t always have to be. Excuse me? Okay, maybe that’s over the top, you’ll always hear a beat regardless of where you are on the StuDay site, but the amount of action, that’s up to you,

Lounge with old mates and new impressions in the Self Love Club where you can sip a delicious drink and line the stomach. Embrace your inner Epicurean at the same time and get the best tie dye shirts or perfect you cooking during a workshop on healthy and affordable student grub.

Always on the run? Check out our Sports Zone. Because before and after the StuDay Club Challenge you go all the way on the extreme track or with the rugby tackle bags. It’s also an ideal moment to plan your calendar for the year and discover the UA Move and Sportsticker. Be sure to talk to the Stuvo/Stip staff of your college or university who organise all kinds of sports and cultural activities throughout the year.

But above all, be amazed by all kinds of fantastic activities from all our StuDay partners.


Do you have musical ambitions? Is your dream a crowd screaming and bobbing up and down to your beats? Then get ready, because this year STAN has again reserved several spots at the beginning of each wave for the Netskys and Bazarts of tomorrow.

We’re looking for young guns to help get the party started on all stages:

Send us your best set before Thursday 21 September via vi.be and blow our socks off.. Bring it on!


StuDay is the time to defend your student club colours. In the StuDay Club Challenge, 20 teams compete for eternal glory (or at least for a year), the one and only StuDay Club Challenge Trophy and great prizes.

PS: We target student clubs, but anyone forming a group can participate.

Practical details:

  • The competition will be held between 3 pm and 5 pm The Sports Zone will be open to everyone with excess energy.
  • A team consists of five to ten people.
  • First come, first served. The first 20 teams are guaranteed a spot. Any teams registering later will be put on the waiting list.
  • Team participation is free.
  • To give all Antwerp clubs a fair chance, a second team from the same club may only take part if there are no other clubs on the waiting list.

Sign up here.

Let’s not beat around the bush…

An event for 20 000 visitors has an impact on the environment. Transport, logistics, power – it has an impact. Step by step we’re working on making StuDay a more sustainable event.

  • Reusable cups & catering material
    All drinks at the bar are served in reusable cups, for which you pay a one-off two euros deposit. When you order a new drink, your used cup is exchanged for a clean one. When you leave StuDay, exchange your cup at the cup stand and the two euros are refunded in cash.
  • The food partners will also serve all food in reusable catering material. For each catering item (plate, container, fork) you pay a two euros deposit at the food stands. This is reimbursed digitally afterwards via a scan code at the catering material return point.
  • Less and better separated waste on site

Not only is the amount of waste reduced thanks to the reusable cups and catering material, it’s also easier to sort your waste thanks to the different rubbish bins.

Walking and cycling

Visit StuDay sustainably. Spoor Oost is easily accessible by public transport and/or share mobility systems. Find your ideal match on www.slimnaarantwerpen.be and be sure to check out their trial offer, especially for StuDay.

Or come on your own bike, because there is plenty of room at the bike parking.

And there’s more!

Velo Antwerp: informs you there and then about the use of their typical red share bikes and at the approach zone to the entrance hall you can have your bike checked over at our bike repair shop.

Bike repair shop

Come to StuDay on your own bike and drop it off at the Bike Repair Shop in our bike parking. While you’re dancing, your bike gets some TLC. On the menu: pumped up tyres, a check of your brake pads and lights and an oiled chain.

Please note! First come, first served.

We offer this service until capacity permits.

Drop off your bike at 1 pm and pick it up before 10.30 pm.

In cooperation with De Kringwinkel and Werkmmaat


StuDay is only the beginning!

Still not done dancing at 10 pm? Check out the vibes at one of these official afterparties. Official? Yes sir! The doors are open just a tad more and the drinks a little colder on presentation of your StuDay wristband.

Straffe Stoten x StuDay Afterparty | Ampere
Where – Ampère
Doors – 10.30 pm
Price – 7 euros (instead of 10 euros) with your StuDay wristband

Carry on partying after StuDay? We got you!
House, hard garage or cool breaks? As long as it’s loud.
Ampere means shaking until the sun comes up.

Kinesia x StuDay Afterparty | Trix

Where – Trix
Doors – 10 pm
Price – 10 euros presale / 12 euros at the door (1 free drink with your StuDay wristband)

Drinks deals that make you thirsty and the best dance beats at a party venue like TRIX. Student club Kinesia will turn this great venue, which normally hosts top concerts, into the craziest nightclub in town. And all within crawling distance from Spoor Oost. Yep! The party really keeps on going.

StuDay is not the end of course. STAN and its editorial team not only keep students up to date of everything they want to know, but also everything they should know about student life in Antwerp. Watch our socials!

When is StuDay 2023 happening?

Thursday 28th September 2023 – 1.30-10 pm

How much does StuDay cost?

Thanks to a collaboration with many partners, STAN is organising StuDay free of charge for all students. To allow as many students as possible to the event, you must reserve your ticket for StuDay.

Where is StuDay 2023 happening?

At Spoor Oost, under the rugged gaze of old railway carriages and surrounded by a genuine cool urban vibe. You’ll find the central entry point on the corner of Noordersingel and Schijnpoortweg

Oops, skipping classes on the first day?

Don’t worry! Your college or university provides a lesson-free afternoon! So you don’t have to worry about attendance or notes.

Who is StuDay for?

Don’t worry! Your college or university provides a lesson-free afternoon! So you don’t have to worry about attendance or notes.

Which documents do I need to enter the festival site?


  • older than 16
  • valid ID card

Stewards will check the above documents before you enter the site.
Have them at the ready. The quicker we can scan, the faster you can party.
The stewards will also check bags for drinks (glass bottles, crates of beer, etc), weapons, drugs and possible dangerous objects. They are not allowed on the festival site.

On entering the festival site you agree to StuDay access conditions.

StuDay, what should I take with me and what shouldn’t I?

Backpacks are not allowed on the festival site.

A tote bag, handbag or small belt bag (max. 45 cm) are allowed.

A limited number of paying lockers are provided. Don’t bring anything valuable!

These objects are allowed on the event site:

  • Small, non-professional cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Cigarettes
  • Hats
  • Umbrellas
  • Blankets or plastic sheet to sit on
  • Medication with prescription
  • Flags of student associations

These objects are not allowed on the event site:

  • Own drinks (glass bottles, crates of beer, etc)
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Any other object the organisation considers dangerous.
  • Dogs or other animals

To ensure everyone’s safety, the festival site is fenced. The emergency exits are clearly indicated.

How can I get there?

Spoor Oost is easily accessible by foot, bike, public transport and/or shared mobility systems. Find your ideal match on www.slimnaarantwerpen.be.

Various mobility partners are going the extra mile to make it easy for you to get to Spoor Oost they will gladly enlighten you in our sustainable mobility village and you can even have your biked checked in our Bike Repair Shop

Walking & cycling

Just 2.5 km (or 15 minutes by bike) from the Ossenmarkt, Spoor Oost is easy to reach by bike or even on foot. We provide plenty of free parking for bikes at the central visitors’ entrance (corner of Noordersingel – Schijnpoortweg).

Public transport and shared mobility systems

De Lijn: Tram services 2, 3, 5 and 6 (as far as the Schijnpoort pre-metro station). In the immediate vicinity: bus and tram service 12, 23 and 38.

You’ll find all the information you need about routes and timetables at www.slimnaarantwerpen.be or www.delijn.be.

Is the StuDay site accessible for wheelchairs?

The site is accessible by wheelchair via the footpaths. There is a separate wheelchair accessible toilet in the backstage area. Mail to hello@stanstan.be to request backstage access for you and one accompanying person.

How do I pay at StuDay?

Nobody will die of hunger or thirst. You can eat and drink at student-friendly prices and choose from a wide range of choices.

You can only pay with Bancontact.

Own food and drinks are not allowed on the site.

What is the system for the reusable cups and catering materials?

We serve all drinks in reusable cups.

You pay a 2 euro deposit for the cup with your first drink at the bar. You only pay the deposit once. If you order a new drink, you will receive it in a clean cup in exchange for your used cup.

When you leave StuDay, you exchange your cup at the cup return point and you receive a scan code to get your 2 euros back digitally.

The food partners also serve all their delicacies on reusable catering material. You pay your food and for each catering item (plate, bowl, fork) a 2 euro deposit at the food stands. When you return the materials to the collection point for catering materials, you will receive a scan code to digitally receive your 2 euros per catering item.

Do you have to pay for the toilets?

You don’t have to pay for the toilets at StuDay.

Please use them and spare the fences and side streets.

Can I give away flyers, samples or put up posters at StuDay 2023?

Flyers and samples are absolutely prohibited at StuDay 2023, both on the site and in the immediate surroundings.

One fence near the bicycle parking area is reserved for student clubs to put up posters for activities.

Can I be photographed/filmed?

When you enter the site, it is possible you will be filmed or photographed by the organisation. The organisation can use these images to promote the event. Taking photos and films yourself at StuDay 2023 is allowed provided that the images are not used for commercial purposes, unless you have STAN’s explicit permission.

Where can I find the lost & found?

During StuDay you can bring in and collect lost items at the lost & found stand next to the cup return point.

After StuDay, all lost items will be brought to STAN at GATE15, Kleine Kauwenberg 15, 2000 Antwerp. You can pick it up there from Monday 30 September.

All items that are not collected before Monday, November 4, 2023 will be donated or destroyed.

General terms and conditions and privacy policy
General terms and conditions

Every student, connected to an Antwerp higher education institution, is invited to StuDay 2023.

For the event on Thursday 28 September, students can participate after registering on the website www.studay.be. Tickets can be requested via the Eventbrite self-service ticket platform. There is a transfer from Eventbrite to STAN in the context of personal data.

Entry into force and term

StuDay is a one-day event: the exact days and times of the programme components will be communicated via www.studay.be.

Price and cost

StuDay participation on 28 September is free of charge after registering on www.studay.be.

With regard to the Oktobermaand participation, the partner indicates per activity whether it concerns a free offer, or a discount on presentation of a valid student ID.

How do we process your personal data?

The data you provided are processed by STAN (E: hello@stanstan.be / S: 03 292 31 70).


Purpose of the processing: Your data (name, email address, course and education institute) will be used for:

  • User profiling
  • Improvement of services
  • Giving tips, advice and info about the project in an e-letter.
  • Transfer to other parties: no

Purpose of the processing: your data (name and email address) will be used exclusively to send newsletters with important information, news or promotions in the context of StuDay and STAN, Student & Antwerp. You gave your consent for this processing. You can always withdraw this consent. Contact STAN (E: hello@stanstan.be / S: 03 292 31 70) or click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter you received.

Retention time

Your personal data will be processed and stored for as long as necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. Your data will be kept by STAN for a period of two years. After this period your personal data will be deleted.


By participating in StuDay, the student agrees to the use of his/her image rights for promotional purposes of StuDay and STAN’s operation. This means no additional approval has to be asked from participants for the publication of recordings or pictures by STAN and StuDay partners as long as they are used within the context of this project.

Taking photographs and filming yourself on STAN projects is allowed provided that the images are not used for commercial purposes, unless explicit permission is obtained from the organisation.

Questions or comments:

Contacteer ons via hello@stanstan.be of 03 292 31 70.

Your rights

In pursuance of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, the so-called General Data Protection Regulation, you have a right of access, rectification and as the case may be deletion of your data. To exercise these rights contact STAN (E: hello@stanstan.be / S: 03 292 31 70).

You can also submit a complaint to the supervisory authority (the Data Protection Authority) if you think your data have been processed incorrectly.

Drukpersstraat 35

1000 Brussels

T: 02/274.48.00

F: 02/274.48.35

E: contact@apd-dpa.be

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data as described in this declaration, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Mrs Anne Baré, at informatieveiligheid@antwerpen.be.


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